Home Insurance

Schoolcraft Insurance Agency is your source for a homeowners insurance quote, whether the property is here in Northern Virginia or in surrounding West Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia or points south (Carolinas, Tennessee, or Georgia). Our team of independent insurance agents will help you find the best rates available for your home, condo or apartment. Owners and renters alike require insurance for protection.

When Mother Nature Strikes, Is Your Home Insured?

If you’re reading this page, you’re taking wise steps to protect your home from fire, storms and other unforeseen events. Flood insurance, too, is coverage you may require to shield your investment in your home, your vacation home, or your high-value home.

What to Look for in Homeowners Insurance Policies

At Schoolcraft Insurance Agency, we look out for your best interests. For generations we have helped both existing and potential customers compare insurance for homes and cars. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering home insurance policies:

  • Never purchase home insurance based on price alone. It’s important to take your level of coverage in mind, along with the service the home insurer is able to provide to you. Schoolcraft Insurance Agency partners only with insurance companies that provide the highest quality coverage and service. They offer highly competitive rates, which means you get more coverage for the same price as a basic policy .
  • Always ask about discounts. We can help you find out if you’re eligible for multi-policy discounts that accompany your homeowners insurance, such as discounts on auto insurance, credits for association or membership affiliations and more. When you shop for homeowners insurance with us, you can be assured we will help you with additional options you may require, such as dwelling replacement coverage, water back-up coverage, scheduled jewelry, etc., or another policy such as an umbrella policy or flood insurance.
  • Make sure your homeowners insurance policy limits are sufficient. We will help you decide just how much insurance protection is enough so you can sleep well at night knowing replacement costs are covered. We can help you through the appraisal process, if necessary, while also finding out if you may obtain a much higher limit for a minimal cost.

Basic Coverage that Home Insurance Policies Include

Typically, there are four types of coverage included in your home insurance policy:

  • Property damage coverage: to protect your investment in your home if certain events damage or destroy your home or belongings. Such causes may include wind and hail, fire, and theft. We will also help you determine if your policy includes flood insurance and help you obtain it if necessary.
  • Liability coverage: to cover you if you cause injury to another person or if you damage or destroy another person’s property – whether you are inside or away from your home. This coverage provides you with added protection and peace of mind, as it extends to your family members. You may decide you need the added protection of an umbrella liability policy.
  • Medical payments coverage: This coverage offers protection for medical expenses incurred within a year of an injury to a visitor of your home.
  • Additional living expenses and other coverage: If you must move out of your home due to a covered incident, your homeowners insurance may cover you. In addition, we can help ensure you have adequate coverage for possessions within your home, other structures on your property such as a shed, and personal possessions lost while away from home.

Take Steps to Protect Your Home Investment

Simply contact us today to request a free quote. We will help you compare insurance for your home and find the best coverage at the lowest possible cost.