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For added protection beyond standard liability insurance, request a free IT insurance or errors and omissions insurance quote from Schoolcraft Insurance Agency. IT contractor insurance, as well as errors & omissions (E & O) insurance, helps protect you for more than liability insurance, which only covers property damage and bodily injury.

Why Do I Need E & O or Information Technology Insurance?

E & O and IT insurance free you to focus on your work, rather than worry about setbacks to your clients’ businesses caused by errors and omissions, code error, network or power outages, loss of data, cybercrime, security breaches or broken equipment.

E & O Insurance and IT Insurance Details

Professional liability, or errors & omissions, insurance and IT insurance are types of coverage you require if a client accuses you of causing a financial loss. Keep in mind when considering IT or E & O insurance that you are covered only for work performed and claims filed while the policy is in force, and not before creation or after cancellation of the policy. The E & O and IT insurance solutions we have to offer satisfy most of the standard contract insurance requirements you will encounter:

IT insurance is ideal for information technology professionals, such as computer programmers, Web and software developers, equipment repair techs, IT consultants, application service providers, system and database designers, database administrators, and hardware installation, integration, and online security specialists. In addition to covering you whether you are on or off a client’s premises, IT insurance also provides you with business and personal property protection, along with optional workers compensation.

E & O insurance is ideal for workers, including IT professionals, in positions where they could make an error or omission that is detrimental to a client’s business. Errors & omissions insurance can help pay for expenses you incur in the event a client sues you. We can also help you customize this insurance with coverage for infringement of software copyright, work completed by temporary staff, work performed within and outside the United States, and more.

Consider Commercial Auto Insurance

If you require errors & omissions or information technology insurance, you may also want to consider inquiring about a commercial auto insurance policy. Commercial auto insurance can help protect damages you incur while traveling to and from clients’ locations while on the job.

Advocates on Your Side

The experts at Schoolcraft Insurance Agency are here to help you evaluate the many private and commercial insurance options available to you. We represent many of the nation’s top insurance companies. We will take the time required to understand your coverage requirements. This necessary step makes it possible for us to recommend policies, coverage levels and solutions available to you. You may also be eligible for insurance discounts. As your advocates, we will work to find ways of reducing the costs of your policy. We’re looking out for your best interests, rather than the interests of the insurance carriers.

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